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My payments are declining or failing

If your payment attempts are failing, there is likely an issue with authorization with your card issuer or issuing bank.

Credit card declines

Contact your bank or credit card issuer for information and assistance. Your bank may have restrictions that block subscription transactions or international transactions. Call them and they should be able to quickly resolve the issue. If you clear things up with your bank, you can re-attempt the transaction and it should work. 

We’re unable to process transactions with gift credit cards. All transactions are subscriptions that auto-renew and we require a bank-issued card for payments.


Why did my payment get declined? 

There are a few common reasons why your card would be declined:

  • Credit Card has expired
  • Insufficient funds available on your card
  • Incorrect billing information
  • The card issuer has blocked the transaction
  • The card issuer automatically rejects international transactions.

Will you retry my payment? 

We retry declined transactions twice at the start of each billing cycle month. If your payment method is up to date and has available funds, we’ll send you a confirmation email once we successfully process your payment. 

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