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Adding related videos

Setting Up Related Videos on Playeur

To make the most of Playeur's "Related Videos" feature, follow these steps. It's simple and effective!

Adding a Related Video

  1. Initiate: Begin by diving into your Channel Manager.
  2. Choose & Navigate: Click on the Content tab and zero in on your video of choice.
  3. Spot & Click: Find the Related Videos section. See that Add button? Click it!
  4. Link or Search: Paste the direct URL of the desired video or just type in its name.
  5. Select & Lock: Found the right video? Great! Select it.
  6. Save: Don't forget this step. It's crucial.

Playeur Pro Tip: Use the "Related Videos" feature to give your viewers a deeper dive into your content or to showcase a fellow creator's work. And remember, you can highlight up to three videos. Go ahead, mix and match!

Confirm & Enjoy

Once everything's set, your videos will start drawing attention to their related companions, creating a richer experience for your viewers.

Didn't get a confirmation?

Always double-check your spam or junk folders. Still nothing? Contact our Support team. They've got you covered!

Bonus Step: Personalize your Playeur channel by adding a profile picture and a catchy description. Let your audience get to know you better!

Ready, Set, Collaborate!

Now that you're all set, think of other ways to amplify your Playeur experience. Maybe start collaborating with fellow creators or dive into new, engaging content.

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