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How do I make money on Playeur

There are two ways to make revenue on Playeur, either through subscriptions or with Playeur Plus. Both options are enabled from the start.

Subscriptions: Subscriptions are the perfect way for you to monetize your fans to support you directly and for you to make recurring revenue each month. This requires you to set up your subscription tiers and offer some incentives for your fans to support you for example exclusive videos, early access, or access to files/posts. Here are two helpful guides to help you get started:

Playeur Plus: All creators can benefit from this program in a passive manner. When a user subscribes to Playeur plus 55% of the net revenue is distributed to creators based on who that user watches. 


How can I make money from ads?

At this time Playeur does not have CPM ads set up with advertisers. We are working on setting up that capability. There is no way for you to make money through passive viewing. Ads shown are designed to encourage users to support you through subscription or by subscribing to Playeur Plus.

How can I request a payout? 

Once you accrue subscription revenue, it will be visible through the Payouts tab in your Channel Manager. When you click on Request Payout, you can be able to enter your payment information (e.g. a PayPal address).

For more information about monetizing your Playeur channel, please visit the links below:

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