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Submit a copyright takedown notice

If your copyright-protected work was posted on Playeur without authorization, you may submit a copyright infringement notification. Be sure to consider whether fair use, fair dealing, or a similar exception to copyright applies before you submit. These requests should be sent by the copyright owner or an agent authorized to act on the owner’s behalf.

The fastest and simplest way to submit a copyright takedown notice is by emailing us at and include the following information: 

  • A link to the video is required along with information about time stamp, if applicable, of where infringement is believed to have taken place.
  • Full legal name of copyright holder is required for a takedown. It may be shared with the creator of the video removed for copyright infringement. Additionally, in your statement, include the following: 
    • Indicate whether the affected party is either a person or a company/organization
    • If the affected party is a company please include details of your relationship to the company (e.g. legal representation)
  • Primary email address is required and may be shared with the creator of the video removed for copyright infringement. The creator might get in touch with you to resolve their copyright strike.
  • Physical address & phone number will remain confidential unless requested as part of a lawsuit. If Playeur is required to share any information, we’ll notify you before doing so.
  • Indicate your preference for the removal based on following choices: 
    • Remove immediately
    • Send a notice to the creator to take down the video within 7 days.  
 Email Playeur Support 

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