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Subscriptions and paywalls

What are subscriptions?

Playeur allows you to monetize your channel with subscriptions. These monthly recurring payments allow you to develop a predictable revenue stream without relying on ads or algorithms. This revenue comes directly from your most passionate supporters, giving you freedom and independence as a creator.

Subscriptions are available in customizable tiers. You can customize the offerings of each tier to incentivize your fans with exclusive content.

Playeur charges a 5% platform fee, and a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30. The remainder goes to creators – a higher share than either Patreon’s equivalent Pro plan or YouTube Memberships.

What is a paywall?

Paywalling content is an effective way to incentivize your audience and reward your most loyal fans for supporting you. Our platform allows you to restrict access to certain videos and blog posts, making them available only to your subscribers (or to a specific tier of subscriber).

Here are some examples of rewards you can offer:

  • Early access to videos
  • Exclusive videos
  • Downloadable files (using locked blog posts)
  • Question and answer sessions (using locked blog posts)
  • A unique subscriber badge (contact us for details)
  • Extra content (behind the scenes, bloopers, etc)
  • Credits in videos/descriptions
  • Access to a discord server

Playeur gives you the freedom and flexibility to decide what you want to offer your fans.

How to paywall content 

  1. Get Approved for Monetization: For more information, please visit our getting monetized article.
  2. Customize your Subscription Tiers: In your Channel Manager, select the relevant channel and then click on the General tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the tier customization fields. We encourage creators to populate all three tiers and reserve the best rewards for the top tiers.
  3. Exclusive Videos: When you upload a new video (or edit an existing one), go to the visibility tab. You will see an option to make this video visible only to subscribers. You can also set a minimum subscription tier.
  4. All Other Content: All other content can be paywalled using blog posts. You can create a blog post in the Content tab of your channel manager, and make it visible only to subscribers. You can also set a minimum subscription tier. Only your subscribers will be able to read the post, download attachments, read comments, and post comments.
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